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Welcome... Decipher Publications is the publishing arm of The Small Business We will be offering a series of small, practical booklets covering various aspects of running a small company: Achieving your Targets, How to Price, Hiring, Taking Care of the Owners ... that sort of thing. All booklets are volume discounted for professionals to distribute to their small-business-owner clients.

Our first, Assess & Improve Your Company, is featured below.

Another publication, How to Get Rich Without Selling Your Soul, featured below, is in a beta version. For coaches, and other professionals, that work on financial issues with their clients, this can be a great tool. How to Get Rich Without Selling Your Soul can be used one-on-one or with groups.

Assess & Improve Your Company
Every company, of any size, has to do only four things.
1. Please the owners
2. Please the customers
3. Please the employees
4. Deal with change
If they do all of that well, it will be a growing, profitable and successful company. Simple? Yes, but not necessarily easy. Find out how.
$12.95 Volume discounts.
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How to Get Rich Without Selling Your Soul
A Complete 8-week Course in a single Workbook
This book takes you along two parallel tracks in eight simple lessons. One track explores your relationship to money and the other track explores money's relationship to you.
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